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Why Shop With Us?


Dedicated Support Staff

We assign you a dedicated support representative that you can call or email directly to take care of you specificly. No waiting on hold or explaining who you are and your organization over and over, we will know you and know your needs well. Together we will build custom solutions that fit your needs.

Hot Swap

On-Site Hot Swap Units

We understand when a something goes wrong you need support. With you in mind we make sure you won’t be down for long. With an on-site hot swap, just simply replace the failed computer with the additional machine(s) we gave you free of charge and we will replace the hot-swap.

Custom Image Loading

Custom Image Loading

Wonderful you just bought new computers, but now you have to image them all to fit all your policies and programs, not with ReviveIT. We’ll give you one of the computers you are buying, build it exactly the way you want all your machines to be and we will clone the image accross all your machines. We have the infrastructure to image 100’s at a time, let us do it for you.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Mutiple Sites or don’t have a truck? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, for our Arizona and Tennessee customers we provide free local delivery to as many sites as you need us to.