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Chromebooks are built from the ground up to be shared with an unlimited number of students. Find out how much you can save with just a cart packed with Chromebooks flying through your school. Manage 100 or 100,000 Chromebooks easily with the Chrome Education license. Chromebooks include multiple layers of security and are faster to set up, manage and boot than peer devices. Discover a world of apps that lets students thrive on Chromebooks. From apps for coding to animating video, you’ll be even more surprised than your students.


As schools prepare to resume under remote learning conditions, keeping students and teachers connected has never been more important. Keep your educators connected with each other and their communities. Students become teachers with Cast for Education, a Chrome extension that lets students share screens wirelessly to the front of the class. Just install the free extension in your Chrome Browser, give your device a name, and invite your students to cast. Chromebooks and G Suite have enabled teachers to offer a more hands-on, flexible approach, and to empower students with tools for learning and collaboration.

Laptop Carts.

A simple power management system safely charges all your devices and sends a single cord to the wall. The heavy-duty steel construction provides durability and security. This innovative cart is budget-friendly, especially when you factor in its flexibility. You can use it for years and years, even if you switch devices. A spacious locking IT area in back keeps cables and power adapters protected and secure, and the power outlets face straight back so they're easy to reach.


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