Business Customer Features & Benefits


We provide 1 and 3 year warranties on all commercial purchases.

Hot-Swap Devices

Your organization can’t afford to stop running because of “hiccups.” We mirror the equipment you purchased, ensuring downtime is limited.

Project Management

From consultation to deployment, we manage your technology purchase so you can use it faster!

Don't get frustrated looking for the right technology solution! We make it simple and affordable to get the right tools for your unique needs.


We have all your hardware purchasing needs covered and all of the other services to support your technology. Wherever you are in the purchasing process, we can maximize your savings without sacrificing quality!

Computers, Monitors & More

If you are looking for quality technology, we have it, including Dell, HP Lenovo and more! We carry the best options for whatever unique personal or business needs you have.


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Legacy and Revive IT enjoy a great partnership. Revive IT provides technology to enable our students to excel in their studies. All but 3 of Legacy's schools made an "A" rank this year, and the 3 that received a "B" rating missed by a very short margin. We are in the top 16% of schools in Arizona currently, and a large portion of that is due to Revive IT's willingness to help Legacy with our technology needs. It has really made a boost to our already performance oriented curriculum.

Legacy Traditional Schools Arizona